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uber_hot's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
This here rating community is based on beauty AND brains. You've been warned.

Use this banner to promote! [you BETTER promote!]
It would be preferred if you uploaded this to your own server (go to http://www.photobucket.com). However, you may email us asking for the URL, if we're feeling nice... we'll let you directlink it from our account!
LINK TO: http://www.livejournal.com/community/uber_hot

These will ensure life in the community!

01. Comment only on your own application until you've been stamped. If you do comment somewhere else, you will get ONE warning; you will be banned at second offense.
02. Put "New Application" as your title, otherwise people might get confused.
03. All pictures are to be behind an lj-cut. If you do not know how to do this, see the
. It is preferred that you put your application there too.
04. If you were rejected you may reapply with new pictures/survey/attitude one week later. You may try as many times as you want.
05. Respect the members and mods.
06. Post AT LEAST 3 [clear] pictures of yourself with your application. Please try and make one of them 100X200 (w X h) for the members page!)
07. Post your application within 72 hours of joining. Otherwise you [might] be removed. If this occurs, wait a week before posting/joining again.
08. You must post the application below when being voted on. You will be automatically rejected if you fail to do so.
09. This community is for those over 14 years old. Anyone younger may apply, but you will only be accepted if we think that you are mature enough.
10. Please promote the community so it will grow.
11. You are not accepted until you see an accepted banner in your application post. If you see a rejected banner, you're rejected. Simple.
12. The rules are here for a reason. They can be edited at any given moment.
13. There will be no deleting comments. I don't care what it said. Don't do it. Only mods can delete comments. If you feel harrassed, or offended, REPORT THIS TO ONE OF US (per email), and we will handle it.
14. Once you've been stamped, reread the Stamped Members section below.
15. We go by the 3 strike rule. 3 strikes and you're OUT.

Reformatting is always preferred (i.e. bold the questions).


-- Name:
-- Birth-date:
-- Birthplace:
-- Location:
-- Your heritage:


-- Colour:
-- Musicians (bands, too):
-- Artists:
-- Movies:
-- Actors/Actresses:
-- Books:
-- Cars:
-- Food:
-- Fruit:

-- Colour:
-- Musicians (bands, too):
-- Artists:
-- Movies:
-- Actors/Actresses:
-- Books:
-- Cars:
-- Food:
-- Fruit:

Deeper Into You:
-- Your weakness:
-- Your fears:
-- Goal you'd like to achieve:
-- Where are you in 10 years?
-- Your best features (mention INNER too!):
-- Worst features (mention INNER too!)?
-- What are your future plans (education/career goals):

Opinions (state your opinions on these things. Remember: we can't get to know
you if you give SHORT LITTLE ANSWERS)
-- Gay Marriage:
-- War:
-- Capital Punishment (i.e. Death Sentence):
-- Abortion:

Community Related:
-- Why should we accept you?
-- Do you promise to promote? (pretty please!!):


Stamped Member Rules:
01. Be honest.
02. State "yes" or "no" in the subject line. Please try and give reasons for your
answers, especially if you vote "no".
03. Put "stamped" somewhere in the subject of each entry. You will see the word "mod/owner" incorporated into staff posts.
04. Base votes on the person as a whole. Get over yourself; just because someone loves
a band you hate doesn't mean they're a bad person.
05. Please try to limit your promoting. ALL PROMOTIONS ARE TO BE BEHIND AN LJ-CUT! And we're
letting you promote, so please promote us in return!
06. LJ-CUT PEOPLE! (faq)
07. Vote, damn you, VOTE! Please?
08. Submit a 100X200 (w X h) image at some point for the members page!

The Banners:

Your Supreme Rulers:






Sister Communities:

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