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-- Name: stef
-- Birth-date: new years eve '88
-- Birthplace: springfield il
-- Location: ditto
-- Your heritage: 50% czecheslovakian, 25% scottish, 25% other european


-- Colour: red
-- Musicians (bands, too): qwen stefani, ted leo and the pharmacists, the exies, orange range, the beatles
-- Artists: jesse crouch, azuzephre (i spend a lot of time on
-- Movies: nightmare before christmas, donnie darko, big fish, edward scissorhands
-- Actors/Actresses: johnny depp, adam sandler
-- Books: harry potter 4, luna, of mice and men
-- Cars: jeeps, spyders
-- Food: pringles, nachos
-- Fruit: kiwis, raspberries

-- Colour: brown
-- Musicians (bands, too): switchfoot, coheed and cambria, good charlette
-- Movies: the notebook, the grudge, ring two, spongebob movie
-- Actors/Actresses: brad pitt (sorry, he annoys me somehow)
-- Books: the great gatsby
-- Cars: H2s, elements
-- Food: sour cream, cauliflower, augraten potatoes
-- Fruit: canteloupe, watermelon, blueberries

Deeper Into You:
-- Your weakness: my memories... i tend to only remember my really emotional ones, so if someone can manage to dig up a painful one, id probably have an emotional breakdown
-- Your fears: heights, spiders
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: to become a better artist
-- Where are you in 10 years? my own apartment with minimum furniture, single or not, working as a photographer or game designer
-- Your best features (mention INNER too!): my eyes, and i have some odd fascination with my hip bones...? im extremely loyal, and i tend to overlook minor flaws in people
-- Worst features (mention INNER too!)? my knees are extremely bony. i can become extremly emotional and irrational occasionally, especially when it has to do with guys.
-- What are your future plans (education/career goals): i would like to be a photographer or game designer, so i will hopefully go to college for that.

Opinions (state your opinions on these things. Remember: we can't get to know
you if you give SHORT LITTLE ANSWERS):
-- Gay Marriage: marriage is about love and commitment, no about your X and Y chromosomes. Gays are not hurting anyone by getting married. i found a sarcastic "12 reasons why gay marriage will ruin society" in someones lj, and i agree with it all ( )
-- War: i understand that people have disagreements, and those disagreements have the potential to escalate to unnessesary and violent levels... and while i strongly beleve we should depend on other methods of solving political/religious problems, i also realise that you cannot change the mindset of the entire world.
-- Capital Punishment (i.e. Death Sentence): while i do believe criminals deserve proper punishment, theres too many factors going into this isuue for it to be as clear-cut as most people would like. The fact that there is still a person taking the killers life is iffy to me- if killing is wrong, then why does the executioner get the right to kill? then theres also the debate of which would be less costly- keeping a prisoner in jail, or keeping him alive until his execution date (often there are many appeals to the sentence which cost moeny also)
-- Abortion: while i do not think abortion should be used as easy birth control for those who cant kee their legs shut, i realise that there are circumstances where it is the only option. my friend recently had a pregnancy scare (turned out to be a false alarm - phew!) and though she really wouldnt have wanted to, she would have needed to have an abortion because her family os not financially well-off enough to support another kid. theres also the incidence of rape, etc. while i doubt i could go through with an abortion, im extremely pro-choice.

Community Related:
-- Why should we accept you? im honest and i attempt to think things through, and i tend to keep out of arguments.
-- Do you promise to promote? (pretty please!!):


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w00t for another DAer, Ted Leo fan, and HP reader! ^____^
Except for the Element thing (><) You some awsome to me. I love your freckles! *jealous* mine are fading :(
The second to last picture is loverly.
Overall I like. :)

++++ Harry Potter
- not liking Spongebob
- not liking Switchfoot
++ Pringles ^.^
+++++++++ opinions
+ Gwen Stefani and Johnny Depp ;D
+ Capital punishment opinion

and your freckles are pretty.