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New Application


-- Name: Amanda
-- Birth-date: 08-02-87
-- Birthplace: Woonsocket, RI
-- Location: MA
-- Your heritage: English, French, & Scottish.


-- Colour: Red
-- Musicians (bands, too): Something Corporate, Hawthorne Heights, The Used, Coldplay, Atreyu, The Bled, & The Juliana Theory.
-- Artists: Mark Ryden, Jackson Pollock (Not sure on the spelling of his last name), Van Gogh, & Monet.
-- Movies: Almost Famous, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, West Side Story, Sixteen Candles, & Billy Madison.
-- Actors/Actresses: Johnny Depp, Kate Hudson, Molly Ringwald, Christina Ricci, & Tim Curry.
-- Books: The Great Gatsby, Needful Things, & The Yellow Wallpaper.
-- Cars: Altimas & my soon to be car a black sunfire. I also love my friend's teal escort, simply because we call it The Green Machine & basically lived in it all summer.
-- Food: Cherries, mashed potatoes, & chicken ramen noodles.
-- Fruit: Well cherries obviously & watermelon.


-- Colour: Brown
-- Musicians (bands, too): Skindred (I don't hate them but ehh), Avril Lavigne, & The Bronx.
-- Artists: I don't really hate any artists. I think all art is unique & beautiful. Wow that sounded lame, sorry.
-- Movies: A lot of horror movie sequals. It's like Halloween, the movies get really old & stupid after a while. Oh and Bring It On Again (The second Bring It On) was really bad.
-- Actors/Actresses:
-- Books: A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemmingway. I'm still trying to forget reading it. It's a sexist piece of trash. Funny how Hemmingway turned out to be a homosexual.
-- Cars: Mini-vans. The ones that look like turtles or something. They're just odd.
-- Food: Pork.
-- Fruit: Bananas. I only really like them with peanut butter in a sandwich.

Deeper Into You:

-- Your weakness: I have a really quick temper. I give in to it way too easily & usually regret getting mad.
-- Your fears: People I care about dying. Ever since my great grandmother passed away when I was 11 i've been scared of it. Also car accidents. I've seen too many lives taken from them.
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: Just to be happy. I want to have a successful career & be married to someone I love. Maybe to be at peace with my family too. It's a neverending battle i'd like to resolve at some point.
-- Where are you in 10 years? Married, out of college with a steady job, & starting a family hopefully.
-- Your best features (mention INNER too!): My eyes, hair, smile, loyalty, open-mindedness, & lack of a shallow attitude.
-- Worst features (mention INNER too!): My stomache could be flatter, my hair isn't naturally straight as I wish it was, I have one tooth that's like slightly not straight therefore it annoys me, my bad temper, & I can be too blunt at times.
-- What are your future plans (education/career goals): To go to a community college for 2 years, transfer to a good state college once I know what I want to do in life, & then go out into the real world to make something of myself.

Opinions (state your opinions on these things. Remember: we can't get to know
you if you give SHORT LITTLE ANSWERS):

-- Gay Marriage: 100% for it. I believe love cannot be defined by genders. It's no different then a straight couple getting married. I don't know why some people feel the need to tell others how to live their life if they aren't harming anyone.
-- War: We have no reason to be in Iraq & we have a selfish president. I'm so sick of this issue & hearing about all the deaths. I hate war period but if it's going to happen then it should be a last resort & carry some sort of valid cause.
-- Capital Punishment (i.e. Death Sentence): "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." -Ghandi. I believe that statement. I think they should suffer alive for what they have done. Killing them is just the easy way out & a barbaric solution.
-- Abortion: Totally the woman's choice in my opinion. I don't feel that I have the right to tell anyone what to do with their body. I really dissaprove of it if a woman is using abortion as a form of birth control though. I still believe practicing safe sex & being responsible about that kind of thing is important.

Community Related:

-- Why should we accept you? I'm honest & active in all of my communities.
-- Do you promise to promote? (pretty please!!): Yeah, I hate it when communities become in-active.


*Sorry if there's too many*


x ♥ x

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